The Diapered Teen Twinsies: Wetting Their Diapers & Katarina’s Awesome Reaction!

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Katarina is wearing her very first adult diaper and is loving hanging out with her very good friend, Nikki, in it. Nikki is wearing a matching Molicare when she announces that she has wet her diaper.

Katarina is quite surprised! She knew that the diapers were meant to be used, but she sure wasn’t expecting Nikki to just wet so casually next to her like that!

Nikki explains it so well. And she can be very convincing. Before you know it, Katarina is excited to give it a try! And so Katarina wets her diaper.

She was NOT expecting it to feel like THAT!!!

Katarina’s reaction to her very first diaper wetting is absolutely awesome!!!

Great video!!!


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