The Giant Teddy Bear Talks To Emily And Instructs Her To Do Things…And Emily Is More Than Happy To Oblige!

“Who’s there?? Teddy?? You’re alive!!!”

Emily is hearing voices…from Teddy! Only she can hear him but she is so happy to finally hear from him!

It’s ok though, Emily is ready to get frisky for Teddy now that she realizes that he’s been watching her all along.

And Teddy has some naughty suggestions for her. First he wants her to strip out of her clothes. All of them. And she gives Teddy a very close and amazing strip tease letting him see all her private parts as she gets completely naked.

He has her get a pacifier and start sucking it before having her put on a cute little babygirl outfit. She rubs up against him and says sweet nothings to him as she flirts with him relentlessly. She’s just so excited to play with him like this!!!

Then Teddy wants a little more from her. He instructs her to shove a giant buttplug up her butt and show it off to him. Once he’s satisfied he finally has her put a diaper on to complete the outfit!

Oh, Teddy. You make all the girls so happy!!


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