There’s A First Time For Everything! Little Nikki Gives Herself An Enema & Messes Her Diaper

DpMNikkiGivesSelfEnemaNMesses DpMNikkiGivesSelfEnemaNMesses2 DpMNikkiGivesSelfEnemaNMesses3 DpMNikkiGivesSelfEnemaNMesses4

Nikki usually doesn’t need enemas due to her diet and constant juicing. But today’s different. She’s having some indigestion (I’m guessing from the massive amount of chicken wings she ate!) and she definitely could use a good cleansing!

She brings in the enema bag and proceeds to give herself an enema. Hopefully this will make her tummy feel better!

Once the water bag is emptied inside her colon she tries her best to hold it in as long as she can then she lets it out!

It takes awhile for her to get it all out and there are lots of farts to accompany the release as she messes!!

And those Rearz Safari diapers sure can hold A LOT of poo!!!! Impressive!!!


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