Trapped Babysitter Gets A Messy Diaper Orgasm Surprise!


Uh-oh. The beautiful babysitter, Bella, woke up in the crib, locked in the straitjacket, and immediately messed in her diaper. Now she’s still locked in the crib, wanting to be changed, and longing for help when Natalia finally walks in.

“Oh you’re here! My diaper is full! Please change me!” She begs.

Natalia rubs her diaper and sees how full it is. “Oh, don’t smush it in!”

Natalia laughs and presents the hitachi wand vibrator. “Oh no! You’re gonna get it in my pussy!”

Natalia pays no attention. Instead all of her attention is getting the vibrator directly onto the naughty babysitters diapered clit.

Bella squirms and pants…switching between intense pleasure and apprehensions about the vibrator rubbing all over her messy diaper.

“OMG you’re giving me orgasms in my dirty diaper! This is not right!” But Bella’s so busy enjoying it, she really doesn’t seem to mind. She just keeps cumming and cumming and cumming.

How many orgasms do you count happening?



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