Uh-Oh! Little Teen Nikki Wakes Up And Makes A GIGANTIC Mess In Her Diaper!

DpMNikkiCastorOilSpikedBottleMesses DpMNikkiCastorOilSpikedBottleMesses2 DpMNikkiCastorOilSpikedBottleMesses3

Wakey, wakey!

Nikki wakes up from her nap with her tummy grumbling. What a tummy ache!

She quickly figures out why. That bottle she drank right before her nap must’ve had something in it! And now she really has to poo!

She quickly doubles over and starts to fill her diaper up with her mess. And what a HUGE mess!! The bulge in the back of her diaper is absolutely gigantic!!

Great angles and you can watch it slowly fill up to full capacity!

And Nikki being the gal she is…she can’t help but play with her loaded diaper after!

Amazing diaper messing video you won’t wanna miss!!



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