Worried Nikki Makes A Huge Mess In Her Diaper Then Double Diapers Herself To Cover Up Her Mess

DpMNikkiBrownMessWorried2XDiapersSelf2CoverUp DpMNikkiBrownMessWorried2XDiapersSelf2CoverUp2 DpMNikkiBrownMessWorried2XDiapersSelf2CoverUp3 DpMNikkiBrownMessWorried2XDiapersSelf2CoverUp4

Nikki wasn’t supposed to mess yet but she just can’t help it! She was doing so well for the longest time but when Nikki has to poo, she REALLY has to poo!!

The urge comes on and she has no choice but to let it out. She just can’t hold it.

And what a huge and obvious, runny mess she makes! There’s no hiding what she just did.


In a desperate attempt to cover up the smell and the mess she’s made she grabs a super thick Rearz Safari diaper and double diapers herself with it. That should do it!


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