Your Domme Bella Makes You Endure Her Runny Mess In Your Face POV

DpMBellaDommeRunnyMessInUrFacePOV DpMBellaDommeRunnyMessInUrFacePOV2 DpMBellaDommeRunnyMessInUrFacePOV3

Bella has been eating tons of fiber all day and is all bloated and ready to poo. You cn even hear her tummy rumbling as her poo makes it’s way to her rectum.

She has now put on a diaper and is going to mess it – right in your face. And you’re just gonna have to take it.

And then it’s time. She climbs over you as you lay down on the floor and bends over and lets it go! You can clearly hear it come squirting out of her bum with a massive squishy fart!!

And she poos A LOT!!


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