Your Little Sister Anastasia Gives You An Enema Then Teases & Humiliates You As You Expel It Into Your Diaper POV


Now that Anastasia has hypnotized you and she has you under her spell she has even more tricks up her sleeve. She likes that she has you so submissive like this and all diapered up. Now it’s time to humiliate you even further though!

She has a nice, big 2 quart enema bag and she unloads it into your ass. Yup, your little sister opens your diaper and shoves the enema nozzle up your butt and releases the valve so it completely empties up your rectum!

Once your gut is all nice & full she removes the nozzle and rediapers you. Now it’s time for some fun! You can’t help but to fill your diaper full of your stinky mess right in front of her! Oh how she does tease you for it too!


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