Zoe Finds & Experiments With A Mini Enema & Ends Up Messing In A Cloth Diaper

DpMZoeExperimentMiniEnemaMessesClothPlastic1 DpMZoeExperimentMiniEnemaMessesClothPlastic2 DpMZoeExperimentMiniEnemaMessesClothPlastic3

Zoe just got through with a nice, hot shower and is feeling all nice and clean now! She’s now relaxing for a few before getting her fresh diaper on.

She looks around to see what she might find in the nursery when she comes across a mini enema! She looks at it, wondering what it is so she reads the instructions.

She’s curious about it. So she follows the directions and squeezes the tube up her ass.

She feels the effects almost instantly! She grabs the first diaper she comes across, a cloth diaper, and puts it on. The cramps are really getting to her now! She struggles as she pulls some plastic pants over her diaper.

By the time she gets it on she’s already prairie dogging her poo and she’s trying hard to pinch it off! Oh, the powerful effects of the mini enema!

As soon as she’s got it on all her poo comes rushing out! She fills her cloth diaper up so full!

She learns quickly the differences between a cloth diaper and a disposable one. And she also learns the intensity of the mini enema!

Great video!


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