Zoe Gets Caught Messing A Cloth Diaper & Gets Punished For It

DpMZoeMessyClothPlasticCaughtSpanked DpMZoeMessyClothPlasticCaughtSpanked2

Zoe has made a huge mess in a cloth diaper! What a disgusting mess!

Natalia finds her writhing on the floor in it and quickly smells the mess she’s made. And she is NOT happy! How gross! Natalia hates having to clean a poopy mess out of cloth diapers!

Zoe’s gonna get punished for this mess! She makes Zoe stand up, bend over, and grab her ankles. Now she’s in a proper position for her spanking. Natalia grabs a nice, big rubber spatula to spank her with.

Zoe whines and cries as she gets spanked. Natalia also mushes the mess into her ass and grinds it all over to make her really suffer.

Zoe’s gonna have to do her own laundry today.


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