Zoe Gets Caught Playing Without A Diaper On & Gets Totally Shamed!

DpMZoeCaughtNoPantiesShamedDiapered DpMZoeCaughtNoPantiesShamedDiapered2

Such a fun and awesome video!!!

Zoe is playing and having a tea party for one when Natalia walks in & decides to join her. What a fun tea party!

But then Natalia notices that Zoe isn’t wearing anything under her skirt at all! No diaper, no panties, nothing! Well this just won’t do!

Natalia completely shames little Zoe for her nakedness! And she’s not letting up. She tells Zoe to lay down so she can put a diaper on her and that just isn’t any better! Now her little cootch is smiling at her! Zoe giggles and Natalia complains that her pussy is laughing too!

The humiliation goes on and on. And Zoe gets diapered. Then it’s all better & they can enjoy their tea party.

Hilarious video!!!


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