Zoe Has A Diarrhea Accident In Her Diaper & Gets Teased & Punished For It

DpMZoeDiarrheaMessesPlayingNTeased DpMZoeDiarrheaMessesPlayingNTeased2

Little Zoe’s about to make her very first mess in a diaper! And it’s not something she was expecting to do.

She’s enjoying bopping around and playing on the floor when her tummy starts to ache a bit. She doesn’t like this at all. She groans.

And then it happens. A great big gush comes running out of her bum and fills the diaper! It’s a mad rush of liquid poo!

And what a huge brown spot she makes on her diaper. She whines. She moves around to try to get a better look at it. “Ew.”

She really doesn’t want to be in the messy diaper like this. Her tummy hurts and she just wants to be changed out of it.

Natalia finds her like this and Zoe pleads to her to change her diaper. But Natalia refuses. The smell is still way to strong and she just doesn’t want to go there. That diarrhea mess is really potent smelling!

Natalia instead squishes it in. Zoe freaks out a bit about this and still whines to be changed. But Zoe tries to open her own diaper. Well that just won’t do at all!

Natalia puts handcuffs on her and cuffs her to the chair. Zoe tries to make it difficult for her to cuff her so Natalia spanks her. She must learn to behave! When Zoe continues Natalia brings out the hairbrush and gives her a good spanking with it. Right on the messy diaper!

Zoe will learn to behave.


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