Zoe Is Given Multiple Orgasms While Locked In The High Chair & Then Wets Her Diaper


Messy, messy and very happy girl!

Zoe has been left alone with her messy self, locked in the high chair and waiting for Natalia’s return. When Natalia comes back in Zoe’s wanting to be changed.

Natalia has something different in mind. She takes a Hitachi to her diaper instead.

Zoe cums almost instantly! She’s REALLY enjoying herself!!

But it’s not over yet. Natalia makes her keep orgasming over and over! The powerful vibrator against her diaper is just so much for little Zoe to handle!

Natalia finally turns off the vibrator so Zoe can wet her diaper. Soon enough, Zoe wets. She is so amazed by the sensation!

Natalia lets her clean up her face and Zoe wets some more! She can’t believe that the sensation of the wet diaper makes her want to keep wetting & wetting more & more!

Great video, extremely hot & a great insight into the beginning of a diaper lover for life!


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